processing International Fruit Day

A process of an idea

At a party in April 2007 former students of social work from the University of Applied Science Alice Salomon in Berlin came together talking about their fields of profession and the spheres of action. They came to the conclusion to bring people and organisations together with a basic social subject: sharing a meal. The idea developed under the aspect of sustainibility and became even clearer. Sharing and eating fruits/vegetables together was soon made up to International Fruit Day which is celebrated July 1st each year. The vote for Fruit Of The Year and motto each year were soon added.


The first International Fruit Day took place July 1st 2007 at the Mauerpark in Berlin where boundaries had fallen 1989. Fruitcakes as well as fresh fruit bits and bites where given to more than 400 guests by Britta, Credo, Stefan, Susanne and Christian. The people shared it with their friends, partners or children.

International Fruit Day with its alltime creed "fruit for peace":


Fruit of the year with the annual Motto
blackberry 2022 "fruitful peace"
watermelon 2021 "create change together"
mandarin 2020 "take a fruit break"
papaya 2019 "Flirt with more fruit"
kiwi 2018 "Cherish others"
quince 2017 "Reformation our food"
lime 2016 "Spice up your life"
blueberry 2015 "Our world, our fruit, our future"
pear 2014 "Create positive messages"
fig 2013 "Share fruit and smiles"
cherry 2012 "Active ageing and solidarity between generations"


2011 "Volunteering"
pineapple 2010 "Combat poverty and social exclusion"
apple 2009 "Creativity and innovation"
raspberry 2008 "Together in diversity"
strawberry 2007 "Come together"