The fruitful thought to celebrate International Fruit Day originated from the will to create a worldwide festival day for people of any culture, nation, mentality, religion and way of life. 


The aim is to share fruits in sympathy and joy with family, friends or needy people. International Fruit Day addresses to all people who create and preserve positive living conditions.


Announced in 2007 and celebrated for the first time at the wall park in Berlin International Fruit Day annually takes place 1st July at many places worldwide where people share their favorite fruit with others.


United Nations announced 2021 as international year of fruits and vegetables to raise more awareness on the nutritional and health benefits as well as reducing losses and waste in food systems. 


Fruit Of The Year 2022 is blackberry and the motto is Fruitful Peace. 

Every child knows some kind of fruit no matter if from the region and/or seasonally. Fruit and people live across planet earth: in Berlin, Germany, Europe and worldwide e.g. Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico and Mongolia.


The regional and seasonal diversity of fruit may be seen as the diversity of people and their cultures. The idea is to share fruit and vegetable with others at a meal to gain solidarity and create cultural exchange.


Everyone may bring their favorite fruit for a picnic at the nearest park to share with others. Is there anything better than a delicious fruit salad? Happy Fruit Day!