Fruit Of The Year

2022 - blackberry 

Blackberry won this years vote with 24,56 %. Second came avocado (17,54 %) and third are with 14,04 % each pomgranate, passionfruit and sallow thorne.

Blackberries originate from North America and are cultivated in Europe for 300 years. Today they may even be found in the wild, near forrests and alongside river banks.

2021 - watermelon 

The watermelon won with 27 %. Its plant is rooted and grows aloong the ground. They originate from Central Africa and grow in warm countries around the world. In the early ages it was brought to the Mediteranean area and South Asia but is produced almost across the planet today.

2020 - mandarin 

Mandarin known also as tangerine is a small fruit of a large family of citrus fruit. Children, youths, adults and families as well as professionals took part in this years voting. Mandarin won with 17,95 %. All varieties are rich in vitamin C and have healthy energy value.

2019 - papaya

The Fruit Of The Year 2019 is papaya. It won with 28,47 %. The home of papayas is Central America. Today the grow in all humid Tropical regions. The orangey fruit flesh tastes very sweet when ripe but the black seeds are spicy. It is rich in vitamins A, B5 and C, which boosts energy to your cells, strengthens the immune system and lifts spirits for life.

2018 - kiwi

Kiwi once known as chinese gooseberry is the winner for the 2018 voting. They came to fame from New Sealand and are grown today e.g. in California, Chile and Israel. Kiwis are known as the firm brown fruit and a juicy green or yellow flesh when ripened. They are high in vitamin C and tannin, help to strengthen the immun system and metabolism.

2017 - quince

The hard and silky quince was voted Fruit 2017 and has beaten many rare known exotic fruits in this years questionaire. They made 25,74 % followed by rose hip (16,83%) and Cantaloupe melon with 15,84%. Quinces are used in jams, liquers, wines, spirits or even oriental dishes with safron.

2016 - lime

The winner to be voted Fruit 2016 from ten randomly chosen fruits is the lime with 20% followed by physalis (13%) and clementine (11%). Today limes are available all year round because they are a tropical fruit which is sour and often used in drinks or to spice foods and dishes.

2015 - blueberry

Blueberries have been voted Fruit Of The Year 2015. They are also called bilberry or huckleberry and fresh in summer from Siberia to North America. Consumed by themselves they support digestion, strengthen the immune system and help in actions for weight loss.

2014 - pear

Pears are winner of Fruit Of The Year 2014 because they are rich in substances to boost growth and regulate digestion. They should be in any fruit basket. The aromatic taste is wonderful in many salads - fruits or greens - and desserts, stuffings, jam or juice.

2013 - fig

The fig wins the vote and are FRUIT OF THE YEAR 2013. She is supposed to be the oldest cultivated fruit by humans. Today figs grow all around the Mediterranean Sea and contain digestive-supporting enzymes and a lot of vitamin B1 which works restorative against stress.

2012 - cherry

Being a popular fruit today cherry trees originate from the Near East with a wonderful cherry blossom each spring. With a diverse variety cherries, Fruit Of The Year 2012, are often used for desserts, yoghurt, juice, pies and cakes but digest best when eaten by themselves.

2011 - mango

Mangos are the best exotic fruit to enjoy tropical flavours of various fruit. With lots of vitamins they protect from flu and decrease stress.

Eaten fresh, slightly cooked or as a juice they are perfectly refreshing and voted Fruit Of The Year 2011.

2010 - pineapple

Pineapples are used in various sweet and sour dishes as well as for dessert and juice or to decorate cocktails.

With allmost every vitamin and 16 different mineral substances pineapples are Fruit Of The Year 2010 and a perfect source to cure many defects.

2009 - apple

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away," is well known.

Apples deliver mineral substances and trace elements, like potassium, iron and phosphorus as well as important vitamins. An apple, Fruit Of The Year 2009, already contains one quarter of the everyday need in vitamin C.

2008 - raspberry

Raspberries become Fruit Of The Year 2008 to sweeten International Fruit Day on July 1st for everyone.

They are enormously rich in vitamin C and Biotin. Raspberries carry the soft aroma of the summer in home made jams to cover the vitamin need in the winter.

2007 - strawberry

At Mauerpark, the wall park in Berlin, the first International Fruit Day took place. With strawberries as Fruit Of The Year 2007 and several kilos of different fruit were shared with joy amongst friends and guests to cross borders and live the variety.