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15 years International Fruit Day 1st July
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Fruit Of The Year 2022 - Blackberry
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2022 - blackberry 

Blackberry won this years vote with 24,56 %. Second came avocado (17,54 %) and third are with 14,04 % each pomgranate, passionfruit and sallow thorne.

Blackberries originate from North America and are cultivated in Europe for 300 years. Today they may even be found in the wild, near forrests and alongside river banks.

2021-03-01 - Watermelon is the Fruit of 2021

The watermelon won with 27 %. Its plant is rooted and grows aloong the ground. They originate from Central Africa and grow in warm countries around the world. In the early ages it was brought to the Mediteranean area and South Asia but is produced almost across the planet today.

2020-03-01 - Mandarin is the Fruit of 2020

Mandarin known also as tangerine is a small fruit of a large family of citrus fruit. Children, youths, adults and families as well as professionals took part in this years voting. Mandarin won with 17,95 %. Second became pitaya (16,24 %), mirabelle third with 12,39 %, followed by grapefruit (11,54 %). All varieties are rich in vitamin C and have healthy energy value.

2019-03-01 - The papaya is the winner for Fruit Of The Year 2019

The Papaya won with 28,47 % followed by wild strawberry (20,83 %), plum (16,67 %) and passionfruit (12,5 %). Today papayas grow in all humid tropical regions and ar round or often cylindric, mostly green to yellow on the outside when ripened. They may be eaten fresh, in fruit salad or with cooked meals.

2018-03-01 - KIWI is worldwide Fruit Of The Year 2018

The kiwi won with 21,82% followed by pomegranate (20,61%) and elderberry with 11,52%. Kiwis are know as the firm brown fruit and a juicy green or even yellow flesh when ripened. The began there global journey with origin in China and were cultivated in New Sealand and brought to fame with their new name – KIWI.

2017-03-01 - Fruit Of The Year 2017 is the silky soft quince

The quinces reached 25,74 % followed by rose hip (16,83 %) and Canataloupe melo with 15,84 %. They are known from Caucasus to Marokko and all around the Middle Sea. The like sunny sights and can bear dry periods. They should always be processed and are often used in jam, Chutneys, jelly, Juice, wine or other Spirits. In the Orient quinces are cooked with safron and meat in a Tajine.

2016-03-01 - LIME is Fruit Of The Year 2016

The winner of this years survey to be voted Fruit 2016 from ten randomly chosen fruits is the lime with 20%. Today limes are available all year round because they are a tropical fruit which is sour and often used in drinks or to spice foods and dishes.

2015-03-01 - Fruit Of The Year 2015: Blueberry

Blueberries have been voted Fruit Of The Year 2015. They are also called bilberry or huckleberry and fresh in summer from Siberia to North America. Consumed by themselves they support digestion, strengthen the immune system and help in actions for weight loss.

2014-03-01 - Fruit Of The Year 2014 is PEAR

Winner of this years survey is pear. She made 13.84 % for No.1 followed by bananas with 13.23 % and kiwis 13.09 %.

Other regional and exotic fruits in the TOP10 are lemon, bramble (blackberry), pomelo, grapefruit, passion fruit, currant and plum.

A pear a day - eaten by itself or in any kind of salad - can boost your immune system and help digestion.

2013-07-01 - Share fruit and smiles

This years International Fruit Day was celebrated again in Berlin and worldwide where people meet and share each others favorite fruit. The fruit they choose is either the personal favorite or seasonal, regional, organic and/or exotic. Everyone everywhere have a Happy Fruit Day!

2013-03-01 - Fig is the winner 2013

The fig won the vote to become FRUIT OF THE YEAR 2013. She is supposed to be the oldest cultivated fruit by humans. Today figs grow all around the Mediterranean Sea with Turkey producing the most. Figs contain digestive-supporting enzymes and a lot of vitamin B1 which works restorative on heart and circulation.

2012-07-01 - Building bridges across generations
The annual International Fruit Day is to celebrate the diversity of fruit worldwide. It's simple to participate where ever you are: Share fruit with family, friends, colleagues or donate it to needy people to help active ageing for individuals and solidarity between generations.

2012-04-01 - Cherries are Fruit Of The Year 2012

Cherry has been voted number one for 2012 followed by bramble and fig. The top ten include many exotic fruit like papaya, date, banana, orange, pear, lemon and kiwi.

Being a popular fruit today cherry trees originate from southeast Europe and Asia with a wonderful cherry blossom each spring. With a diverse variety cherries are often used for desserts, yoghurt, juice, pies and cakes but digest best when eaten by themselves.

2012-02-15 - International fair for organic products
The worlds largest fair for organic products like tea, rice, fruit, herbs and textiles is open to professionals from 15-18th February, 2012. Biofach and Vivaness (link) present 2410 exhibitors from 83 countries with about 100,000 organic products in Nuremberg. India with 51 exhibitors stands in the focus as the country of this years fair inviting to culinary and inspiring products at the exhibition.

2012-01-20 - International green week
From 20-29th January 2012 the worlds biggest fair for food, horticulture and agriculture takes place in Berlin with more than 1600 exhibitors. The visitors can try and buy a great contingent of culinary foods from all over the world. Romania is the partner country this year.

2012-01-01 - Solidarity between generations

2012 is the European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations. It is a chance for all of us to reflect on how we are living, ageing and staying healthier than ever before. Lets take these opportunities to keep playing an active role in society and share our experience.

2011-10-01 - Delicious Germany

The Days of Taste 2011 present the variety of the German regions and their specialities. Restaurants, producers, manufacturers of regional and seasonal food; educational, cultural and science facilities as well as associations and initiatives show their efforts for all age groups to lead a healthy lifestyle.

2011-07-01 - Together in solidarity

Germans Federal President Christian Wulff invited citizens to the summer party at Schloss Bellevue to honor their activity and engagement in volunteering work. 6000 guests enjoyed the entertainment and food specialities from German regions.

2011-07-01 - Fifth International Fruit Day
The fifth Day of Fruits is celebrated in the "European Year of Volunteering 2011" (link) which is declared to strengthen common values like solidarity as well as social cohesion. Everybody can share some fruit with other people at their local youth clubs, in hospitals, schools and associations.

2011-06-01 - International Childrens Day

Today more than 30 states worldwide celebrate the Childrens Day, e. g. China and the USA. The idea of the Childrens Day goes back on the Genevan world conference in 1925 for the well-being of children. In 1954 the United Nations instructed UNICEF for the adjustment for Childrens Days and the rights of children. Germany celebrates World Child's Day anually on the 20th of September.

2011-03-01 - Mango is Fruit of 2011
For the fifth time we were seeking the Fruit of the year to celebrate International Fruit Day (annually July 01st). This years winner is mango!

Originally the mango tree is from east india but today cultivated across the planet. They can be small as a peach or tall like a melon and in many ways help to prevent infections and flues. A juice, eaten fresh or prepared makes the mango a perfect treat.

2011-02-16 - BioFach in Nuremberg

BioFach 2011, the World Organic Trade Fair, is distinguished by its  internationality, vigour and innovative power. It brings together about 2.500 exhibitors - two thirds from abroad - and more than 40.000 trade visitors from up to 100 countries of the world.

2011-02-09 - FRUIT LOGISTICA
Professional visitors from more than 125 countries are expected this year at the FRUIT LOGISTICA and the FRESHCONEX in Berlin. Fruit producers and vegetable producers as well as representatives of enterprises of the wholesale and retail trade are among the visitors - from the global player to small and middle-class suppliers from all over the world will attend.

2011-01-21 - International Green Week Berlin

The world-biggest fair for food, agriculture and horticulture shows among other things in the biomarket hall 6.2a how healthy, tasty and sustainable food is.
In the power for life hall 1.2 b visitors and guests experience movement and information about quality and trust in our food. The green week is an entertainment and pleasure for the whole family.

 2011-01-01 - European year of volunteering

People every age make positive contributions, while they invest a part of their spare time in organisations, in youth clubs, in hospitals, schools and associations. For the European Commission, volunteering is an active expression of civic participation which strengthens common values such as solidarity and social cohesion and anounced the year of volunteering for 2011.

2010-10-16 - Share fruits on World Food Day

With willpower, courage and persistence more food can be produced, more sustainably and it can be shared to get into the mouths of those who need it most. Uniting against hunger will become real when states, civil society organizations and individuals work together at all levels to defeat hunger, extreme poverty and malnutrition. Unite against hunger!

2010-05-23 Cosmopolitan carneval in Berlin

The 15th Carneval of Cultures (Link) attracks up to one million visitors. They will experience the unique atmosphere of Berlin at it's best: cosmopolitan, multicultural and passionate. 100 groups of different nationalities, cultures and religions are showing the cultural and ethnic diversity of Berlin during the procession. The four day street festival from 21st - 24th May 2010 will host more than 900 artists and bands performing worldmusic, dances and interactive attracktions.

2010-03-01 Pineapple is Fruit of the Year

Pineapple has won the annual vote to become Fruit of the Year 2010.

It is well known by young and old as an ingredient of sweet and sour dishes, desserts or as juice in cocktails. Not surprising – pineapples contain all vitamins and 16 mineral nutrients and micronutrients which are vital for a healthy lifestyle. more...

2010-02-20 - BioFach and Vivaness

More than 43,000 professional visitors came to Nuremberg to BioFach and Vivaness, the annual get-together of the global organic market. The fair for organic products was accompanied by 180 events all around fairness and sustainability. The trend towards organic and an ecologically lasting consumption remains unbroken in spite of the crisis of the markets because more and more customers consume quality and values.

2010-02-05 - FRUIT LOGISTICA 2010

More than 50,000 visitors from 125 countries were visiting this years FRUIT LOGISTICA and 7,000 more came to FRESHCONEX. Amongst the professionals are fruit and vegetable producers as well as representatives of the wholesale and retail trade. Mexico was guest as a fresh produce business country for the EU.

2010-01-01 - Call for solidarity

The European Commission calls out the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion to encourage involvement and political commitment. Further aims are to promote a society that sustains and develops quality of life, social well-being and equal opportunities for all and to boost solidarity between generations and ensure sustainable development.

2009-12-05 - European Conference

The participants of the conference "The Impact of Cultural and Citizenship Education on Social Cohesion" speak of many duties for the future. In the focus of the conference in Vilnius, Lithuania, lies the meaning of political and cultural education for social cohesion. The conference is initiated by NECE Networking European Citizenship Education.

2009-10-16 - World Food Day

The Unites Nations expect over 1 billion people to hunger this year. That means that every sixth person on this planet is near starvation. You might know one or it even might be you! Simply share your favourite fruit with your friends, work mates or family and simply make them smile.

Fruits for peace!

2009-07-04 - Fruit Day Festival

Saturday from 2 - 4 pm a large picnic took place @ wall park (Mauerpark) Schwedter St in Berlin. The festival about fruit and vegetables is for children and their families and organised by trainees from the restaurant ROSSI of the professional training centre SOS Berlin (SOS children's villages). Education is fruitful for Daria, Dorothy, Merisa, Recep, Riad and Susanna.

Press release 2009-07-01
International Fruit Day July 1
International Fruit Day Festival 4th July 2009
Day of Africa
Farms open to public
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2009-06-13 - Farms open to public

This weekend "15th Brandenburger Landpartie" children and families can discover agriculture, farming, festivals and vacation in Brandenburg. On the property Gut Schmerwitz they can see lambs, ponies, machines and also enjoy live music or experience several presentations.

Newsletter 2009-06-01
3rd International Fruit Day
For a peaceful cooperation
International day of the family
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2009-05-15 - International Day of Families

Since 1994 family day is celebrated worldwide. It was called out by United Nations and this years motto is "mothers and families - challenges in a changing world". Families should be strengthened for social processes of development and be supported to develop their forces at national and local levels.

2009-03-26 - Vegetable online

Now after the fruit index for International Fruit Day the list of vegetables is online. Finally we accept the suggestions from our interdisciplinary sphere and friends to include the vegetables to combine these with fruits. With this we extend the community and in future will harvest the "fruits" of common efforts.

2009-03-11 - ITB World's Leading Travel Trade Show

The mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit visits the exhibition „We take our life in our hands“ by SOS Children's Village Germany at the opening ot ITB Berlin and welcomes former and current pupils from the SOS Vocational Training Center in Nairobi (Kenya) and the SOS-Berufsausbildungszentrum Berlin (professional training centre). He enjoys fruits suitable to the campaign „Education is fruitful!“ which shall create training places and jobs for young people at regional companies.

Press release 2009-03-02
Yes we apple!
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2009-02-28 - Apple is Fruit of the year 2009

Apples are the most famous fruits in Germany and won the annual vote of 'Fruit of the year'. The election took place mainly in Berlin but also in Nuremberg, Bremen and Offenbach. Germans and other people from countries and cultures like Kenia, Mexico, Turkey or Tasmania voted for their most favorite fruit. Now an apple will be this years logo for International Fruit Day July 1.

2009-02-14 - Valentine's Day for lovers and friends

Surprise your loved ones for this years Valentine's Day with a different kind of gift. Get something juicy.

Simply buy a variety of fruits and present them in a creatice setting.

In this case strawberries are set like a chain.

Fruity Valentine!

2009 - Imagine. Create. Innovate.

The European Union supports the relations between creativity, culture and education for 2009 and the future.

A perfect motto for International Fruit Day in the third year.

2008-12-10 - Human Rights first declared 60 years ago

The United Nations declared 60 years ago on 10th December 1948 the Universial Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in Paris. "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights" quotes articel 1 of 30. They discribe the basic rights of every person, without difference in e.g. race, skin colour, gender, language, religion, political or other conviction, national or social origin, property, birth or other status as well as no matter in which juridical relation the person stands to the country in which she stays. The preamble explains the basic intention on freedom, justice and peace in the world as well as to the basic human rights of dignity and value of the human person.

2008-10-19 - 8 goals for the future of the world

At the dawn of the new millenium in 2000 the United Nations agreed 8 goals for the worlds future. Its' International Fruit Days aim to held achive these goals:

1. figth poverty 2. education for everyone

3. gender mainstreaming 4. health care 5. fight childdeath

6. fight deseases like HIV/Aids 7. ecological sustainability

8. develop global Partnerships for development

2008-09-18 Fair Trade Banana Day in Berlin

German Transfair organisation gave away 1 Million Fair Trade bananas across the country. The SOS-Kinderdorf organisation in Berlin recieved 1000 bananas which were given to children, parents and teachers in schools in the City Center and to the organisations Education Training Center, Family Center and childrens village in Berlin-Moabit. Each banana was enjoyed by the kids and lots of photos were taken with fun.

2008-09-13 ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA in Hong Kong

After launching ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA 2007 in Bangkok this year the exibition took place in Hong Kong September 10-12th allongside the Asiafruit Congress. 215 exibitioners from 30 nations met more than 3000 visitors from the international fruit trading business.

2008-07-02 Fruits are like people

Specific features in form, colour and variety. International Fruit Day July 1 demonstrated the intercultural dialogue between the people in in Berlin at the wall park. Fruits like people have differences and common characteristics. „Together in diversity“ is this years motto.

2008-07-01 Fruits overcome borders

In a far country, where sunshine and rain provides fruits to grow for people to harvest, there is a proverb: „Everything that happens once can never happen again. But everything that happens twice, will surely again happen.“ more...

2008-06-28 Let's eat together

International Fruit Day is a contribution to the realisation of a peaceful and fair world. This action day on the July 1 shall retain and create positive living conditions for people and their families. The dialogue within social networks as well as the appreciation by other people is inalienable for a satisfying life everywhere in the world. 1st July people are celebrating a big picnic from 5 - 7 pm between Eberswalder Str. and Gleimstrasse in the wall park in Berlin. Every person brings a piece of fruit or fruits to make a giant fruit salad together. They will demonstrate the intercultural dialogue between the people in Berlin and the world as well as for peace, education, employment and health.

2008-06-22 Tailoring with apples

"Because of ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ I will celebrate International Fruit Day on the 1st of July,” says Tanya Holleis from Tiger & Roses. “As a child apples were my favorite fruit. It still is today.“ She continues smiling: „ I haved lived near Frankfurt in Germany for the past 15 years and I am moving again. An apple is a perfect quick snack in between breaks. Apples are such an easy fastfood." more...

2008-06-16 Flight attendant takes an idea round the world

"I would like to be in India for International Fruit Day July 1. There is harvest time of the mango and therefore end of the season. Anyway I will buy fresh fruit where I am after the flight schedule. The fruits in their origin country are always so aromatic. With these I will surprise my colleagues," says Raquel Ba from Bremen, flight attendant at Deutsche Lufthansa AG. more...

2008-04-07 fructus mobiles for World Health Day 2008

Drawing attention to the theme "protecting health from climate change" is a major subject for the World Health Organization for this years World Health Day. For this subject the International Fruit Day invited to a flash mob meeting for 6:18 pm at Europaplatz close to the main station in Berlin to share some healthy fruits.

2008-03-03 Raspberry is Fruit Of The Year 2008

 In a research raspberry hits 15.8 % and becomes Fruit Of The Year 2008. International Fruit Day is a festival for fruits celebrated on July 1st each year. It was called out by persons and organisations 2007 in Berlin.

The research took place in the past weeks at the Exhibition for the Food Industry, Agriculture and Horticulture, the International Trade Fair for Fruit and Vegetable Marketing, a training center, association for children and youth, an online-community, friends and families.

23 fruits were named among them such as cherry, apple, grapes, quince, prickly pear, pomelo and stawberry – last years fruit for International Fruit Day 2007. This was celebrated with the motto ‘come together’ on July 1st 2007 in Berlin at the Wall Park serving over 400 guests and pedestrians with fruitcake or fruit bits and bites.

According to the group of promoters fruits are the symbol for diversity of all people, cultures, nations, religions, way of thinking and living. That is why  International Fruit Day is taking up the motto ‘together in diversity’ for the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008 called out by the European Commission. Acitvating and promoting identity for cultural liveliness and inviting people around the world to have a good time eating and enjoying fruits with friends, colleagues or families International Fruit Day can take place any day and be celebrated July 1st each year.